Hi there,

I’m Dat, a twenty-something living in Lille, Northern France. I’m Viet and vegan. I’m an introvert, a HSPs and also a high sensation seeker. I don’t believe in soulmates, but I do believe in soul friends. I began this blog in 2018 to recollect my childhood stories and share my passion in art, plant-based cuisine, minimalism, philosophy and photography. I’m a minimalist food stylist and photographer, who works only with my phone & my Olympus camera to create everything on this blog!

This blog is a collection of personal stories that also happen to be random, unrelated, messy and sometimes very challenging to understand due to its lack of coherence and clarity. I guess that maybe it’s just my way of reminding myself that life is filled with constant struggles and chaos, but there’s always beauty in the mess. To think of life as a chain of constant suffering is to forget the magic of being alive at this very moment.

All the photographs on this blog taken by me, except 1995.

My first inspiration is from chi Ann Mai. She’s an amazing food stylist and photographer! Her recipes are amazing, and her sharing of art, plant-based cuisine and the Viet culture has inspired so much to embark on this beautiful journey. I’ve learnt so much from her and I’m very grateful for having this friendship. More of her work can be found here https://plantcrush.co/