The story never ends

“Everything in the world was in precarious balance, pure risk, and those who didn’t agree to take the risk wasted away in a corner, without getting to know life.” 

“She was explaining to me that I had won nothing, that in the world there is nothing to win, that her life was full of varied and foolish adventures as much as mine, and that time simply slipped away without any meaning, and it was good just to see each other every so often to hear the mad sound of the brain of one echo in the mad sound of the brain of the other.” 

“I gave in continuously, with painful pleasure, to waves of unhappiness.” 

“Everything is interesting if you know how to work on it.” 

“We had the same sensitivity to beautiful things, the same need to enjoy them, the same need to search for the right words to say how sweet the night was, how magical the moon, how the sea sparkled, how two souls were able to meet and recognize each other in the darkness, in the fragrant air.” 

“Maybe I should tell her that things without a meaning are the most beautiful ones” 

“Today I feel some uneasiness in recalling how much I suffered, I have no sympathy for myself of that time.” 

from “The Story of a New Name” by Elena Ferrante,

Summer Reads

I guess maybe I just like collecting any special thing from all the books that I’ve read instead of creating something on my own. I guess maybe I enjoy having that feeling of entering into someone’s story, someone’s life. I guess maybe I like to know what it’s like to be in another person’s life.

Sometimes, I wish I had learnt to enjoy reading when I was younger. Sometimes, I wish I had always been better at understanding the beauty of language. But sometimes, things are only meant to be when the right time comes. And somehow, over the years, I’ve learnt to be grateful for everything that I have in my life.