The art of leaving a place

at Hindusthali,

Dear Montreal,

Life has changed as it always has. People change as they always do. We call it the law of life. I call it the law of nature. Change isn’t always a bad thing as we always want to believe because it might teach us something important about life, about people and something about us. “You get a strange feeling when you leave a place, like you’ll not only miss the people you love, but you miss the person you are at this time and place because you’ll never be this way ever again.” The thing is that when you are about to leave a place, it’s hard to run away from those feelings of sadness, confusion and excitement even if the decision means for a better future.

I hate and love moving at the same time. I love the adrenaline rush of moving to a new city, exploring new places, and meeting all those new people who will get me inspired. I love the feeling of having all those firsts again, but I also hate the idea of leaving a place that I just got comfortable at calling it as my second home. I hate the idea of saying goodbye to all the people I’ve known and loved. I hate the idea of having to find my fave restaurant, my fave café, my fave spot in the city, my fave park, my fave bike path, and my fave people to hang out with all over again.

I hate the idea of getting all emotional when everything almost comes to the end. Leaving a place has taught me so many important things about life. I’m more than grateful for having this transition in my life as it made me realize how much my relationships with other people mean to me. Leaving a place made me realize how much impact others have made on my life, and how much I’ve done in changing someone’s life. I’m more than grateful for all those authentic memories we’ve built over the years in this beautiful, yet snowy city. Montreal, I miss.

Leaving a place also made me realize how fragile our lives could get, and how to show more gratitude for everything we have and anything we don’t have. The truth is that everything in this world only exists temporarily, if not precariously. When I’m older and hopefully surrounded by my grandchildren, those are probably one of the only things I want to tell them as I am and will be trying to learn how to keep them closer to my heart whenever I go. The end has to happen before the magics of a new beginning appear, isn’t that right?

Thank you, Montreal for always being there for me even during the lowest points in my life. Thank you for telling me that I belong here. Thank you for accepting me, my weaknesses and my flaws without choosing to give up on me. Thank you for teaching me how to be patient in the face of challenges. And thank you, Montreal for watching me grow everyday. I hope you will do the same to anyone who chooses this city to begin their journey of finding who they are. Leaving a place is an art that you, me or anyone will have to learn to master at some points regardless of where we are on this collective journey, but life would be a lost without its existence. And that’s the only one thing I know for sure in this world of uncertainties.

August, 23

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