I’m Dat.

I’m currently living in Ottawa, but Saigon is my hometown.

Saigon is where I grew up, and will always be in my heart and memory no matter where life takes me. When I decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle around a year ago, I thought I was going to be a crazy head-over-heels-in-love twentysomething, exploring all of the amazing vegan dishes from different cultures around the world. However, the thought of veganizing the dishes of my homeland was never a part of my imagination. I initially rejected to pursue the vegetarian ways of living and cooking that many Viet people have had for years.

It was a loss. I will never be able to get away from my culture because it is a part of my identity regardless of where I am. The idea of not getting in touch with the heart of Viet cuisines has been shattering my integrity, which eventually led me to make a change. And that is how I have created this blog as an opportunity for me to re-connect with my heritage and to re-learn the culinary art of experimenting with Viet spices.

The use of the prefix “re-” is originally a loaned word from Latin, and is often associated with the concept of “backwards,” but for me, it rhymes more with the act of going back in time when I was still a little kid so that I could spend more time observing my mom making deliciously-tasty Viet food in our kitchen with unconditional love and caring.

But mostly, I want to be the most authentic “Người con đất Việt,” the land of the Dragon People.

Sounds lovely, isn’t it?

Alrightttt, how about gettin’ all real now?

The problem is that this blog is about none of the above poetic-yet-cheesy-for-those-who-already-know-me things, or maybe it is true with the first couple of posts. Well I mean, I try to preserve some of the initial missions.

But nope, there is no recipe if that’s what you’re looking for.

And nope, there is no vegan lifestyle up there as well.

“But, isn’t that Japanese noodles?” Yupp, it is. It’s not always about Saigon, just so you know.

I’ve been a seriously damn loyal fan of conformity pretty much my whole life, and it’s time for me to ditch all of those crazy norms. This blog is all about me writing anything I want to write. No theme. Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes the content doesn’t match the attached photo nor the title of the post. Sometimes there is no ending. If my train of thoughts stops at a certain moment, I’ll end with that. And of course, there’s no such thing as perfection with this blog. Remember? I’ve created this space for “random, unrelated and sometimes nonsensical stories.”

So let’s introduce me properly again!


I’m Dat. 

I’m not your typical vegan. I have no intention of becoming a food photographer nor a food blogger. I simply want to make my life much less perfect by gathering my thoughts into a bunch of nonsensical stuff because believe it or not, they will somehow make sense at the end. At least to me.

And yes almost forgot, thank you so much for reading this!

I know this is such a long introduction …