Dear Alice, It’s been over a month since I left my beloved city. It’s been over a month since I arrived in this new land where the idea of home has to be reconstructed from scratch. It’s been over a month since I left everything behind for this new and temporary adventure. I’ve been wondering…

Phở in Alsace

So my fall exchange got cancelled. I was very excited after submitting my application. I was so excited about having my visa in late spring, getting on that plane in August, travelling to an unfamiliar territory, immersing myself into a different culture and speaking another language. It was a little scary to be frank, but…


I was supposed to write this before NYE, but I finished work pass midnight, so I guess maybe now would be the right time to start writing this. There are so many things that I want to write about this year, but there’s one thing in particular that I have to talk about that relates…

Olive Thanksgiving

Dear fall, Life is sometimes terrifying, isn’t it? Maybe or maybe not because when we choose to embark on this journey of living our truth, things will never stop getting harder and harder. But in this world, there’s nothing more important than choosing to follow our truth. It’s where our soul belongs. Please never stop…

The art of leaving a place

Dear Montreal, Life has changed as it always has. People change as they always do. We call it the law of life. I call it the law of nature. Change isn’t always a bad thing as we always want to believe because it might teach us something important about life, about people and something about…

The beginning of an end

To the 16-year-old kid, who has learnt to survive on his own, has gotten used to the idea of going against the common sense, and has found a path to keep himself grounded in this never-ending proliferation of toxic diversity. He wonders at what time would our divisive society stop giving right for hatred and…

Braving the wilderness

When I was young, I always thought that life was unfair. I always hated the world for treating everyone right, but me. I always hated those nights of burning the midnight oil while crying my eyes out because I didn’t understand why my life was so different from my peers. I didn’t know the reason…


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